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10 Pro-Tips for Females Traveling Alone

Updated: May 12, 2018

Obviously, there is plenty of stigma against the idea of females traveling alone. However, traveling alone is one of my favorite things to do. I get to do what I want, where I want, when I want. It is the ultimate freedom. I meet new people, get to choose every aspect of the trip, and always end up in rad new places because I don’t have to be concerned with what anyone else wants to do.

Miami Music Week - March 2018

Particularly, I have traveled to many music festivals on my own. For example, last year, I told myself I had to experience Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival in 2018, even if it meant heading there by myself. As the new year approached, none of my other friends could afford the trip, so I decided to make it a graduation present to myself. I fully sent it to Miami for one of the largest series of events in music, and I used these safety tips to survive on this ultimate adventure:

1. Carry yourself with confidence

Predators seek out women who they can easily influence. So, whether you’re walking down the street, dancing in the crowd, or heading back to where you’re staying after a long night of partying, keep your head high and your shoulders square. Look ahead, but always be aware of your surroundings.

Usually, I even have a slight snarl on my face. Remind yourself that you’re a bad bitch, it helps. You would rather have random people thinking you have the common case of resting bitch face than have someone attempt to come at you sideways.

2. Have pepper spray easily accessible

When I was in Miami, I always had my pepper spray where I could reach it. That entire week, there were plenty of times I was alone, and sure enough, I had my pepper spray dangling from my backpack near my right hand. You never know when you’re going to need it, and make sure to search Youtube beforehand for videos to build your confidence on how to use it.

3. Turn on Find My Friends

Share. Your. Location. Any time you head out on a solo adventure make sure someone has access to your every move. If you’re close with your parents, share your location with them. If you would rather them not be able to track you, grant your best friend or sibling with access. It’s the 21st century, so take advantage of modern technology. I don’t care how creepy you think it is. Sharing your location with someone could save your life.

4. Do not put yourself in a vulnerable situation

Always think ahead! Solo adventures may have you flying by the seat of your pants, and that is the fun in it, but give yourself some sort of plan so you’re not traveling entirely on a whim. It’s always nice to have guidelines before you head out on your extravaganza. These guidelines will keep you in line and prevent you from putting yourself in a situation that could leave you defenseless.

5. Seek out a gal pal

You would be surprised how many girls travel alone. I almost always end up linking up with another solo adventurer while I’m out and about. When I was studying in Australia I went to see Borgore on my own and ended up running into my now friend, Zoey. Zoey was also out on her own partying in Melbourne for the first time. We met while waiting in line for the bathroom, got to talking, then we realized we were both traveling solo. We decided to have each other’s backs and became partners in crime for the night... and the rest of my semester of study abroad.

Firefly Gathering - June 2015

6. Bring your phone charger or portable battery with you EVERYWHERE

This one’s easy. Whenever there’s an opportunity to charge your phone, take it! It’s better to leave the pregame 100% charged than 75% because you never know if there are going to be outlets available for the rest of the night or even weekend. For camping festivals, especially, pack up the portable charger so you’re able to make phone calls and be tracked on Find My Friends.

7. Uber everywhere

This is definitely one of my rules of thumb. I always say, if you can’t afford an Uber, you probably shouldn’t be going out. Trips taken with the Uber app are GPS monitored and way safer than a taxi. Every Uber driver has cleared an extensive background check (much more extensive than Lyft’s) in addition to every mile driven on the app being tracked. So, God forbid, if anything were to happen, officials have plenty of information to use to figure out what happened.

8. Wear shoes that allow you to stay mobile

This rule really depends on where you are traveling. Obviously, no one wants to wear gym shoes to the beach or the club, but instead of wearing six inch pumps you can barely walk in go for some strappy wedges so you can stay mobile in in case you are put in a situation you need to get out of, fast.

9. Keep mini padlocks in your purse

Another rule of thumb of mine. Mini padlocks save my life! I lock my tent up at camping festivals and even lock my purse while it’s on my back. My phone was stolen right out of my purse WHILE IT WAS ON ME during the phone left ring at Nocturnal Wonderland last year, and my camera was stolen out of my AirBnB in Miami.

There are thieves everywhere, unfortunately. Some people really don’t give a shit when it comes to personal belongings. They’re just looking to make a quick buck. So, lock your valuables up to prevent it from happening to you, and stick the key on a necklace so you don’t lose it.

10. Be prepared to use your keys as a weapon

That’s right, ladies. If you’re carrying a set of keys around, don’t be afraid to use them as a weapon. My mom taught me this one. Whenever you’re walking in a parking lot at night, or anywhere, as a matter of fact, hold your key between your knuckles with the sharp end sticking out. If anyone were to get physical, ... well, I’m sure you get the idea.

With that, ladies, don’t let the horror stories keep you from traveling alone. The world is a beautiful place full of beautiful people, for the most part, of course. Without a doubt, always live your life with caution and build trust within yourself, not strangers. Overall, don’t be scared to get out and see what’s out there on your own, though, and don’t miss out on getting to know yourself by exploring what this planet has to offer.



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