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Arizona's Music Industry Innovators Combine Forces to Present "Synergy"

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

by Sydnee Falkner and Sara Vogelsanger

Synergy is described as “the interaction of two or more organizations or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects." It is without a doubt that Synergy is going to be the theme for Arizona's scene in 2019.

To start things off, Bass Couture, Full Moon, idgaFNK, NastyHumanz, OCTIV Entertainment, and Pax Machina are joining forces with C3RB3RUS, Dark Mark, Dylan Heckert, Smoakland, SoulSpeek, and Sozo Sounds to give the people what they want: a place to dance and interact with Arizona’s music, art, and fashion community.

Ostranenie: A Psychedelic Experience 2018 - idgaFNK

“Each individual's passion for art can be felt through shows like this one.” - Sozo Sounds

It’s safe to say that Arizona is full of love and support for local talent. When we asked what these artists and companies loved the most about the scene it was unanimous: the community.

"The unity and support all of the artists give one another is what we love about the community. It's genuine and you feel like people actually want you to succeed." - Smoakland

Bass Couture Studio Session: Eco-Fashion Matters

“[Our] goal has always been to grow by supporting the community around us. We want to be the kings of the underground and the supporters of the underdogs. We truly believe in giving back and working within the community to change it in a positive way.” - Pax Machina

Through Synergy, Arizona has some incredible companies and artists working together to create a unique, bass-filled environment.

"I’m all about energy, love, and speaking from the soul. As a musician, my art will fluctuate, change, and grow along with my soul & I want to be a voice for other people and their own journeys." - SoulSpeek

On January 25, witness how impactful the combined support of each person in the room is and experience the driving force that pushes these collectives to work towards their common goal, to inspire and make a positive impact, together.

"The people bringing the energy though give life to the music and life to the Art though. I've met some truly incredible individuals in this community that have not only given me some of my favorite memories but have helped me craft myself into the person I am today." - Jason, OCTIV Entertainment

Pax Machina summed up, “we want to help bring awareness that there is so much more to the electronic scene in Arizona than what's on the surface,” and we all couldn’t agree more. Synergy is about bringing awareness to what each unit brings to the table in additon to creating an atmosphere for everyone to get together, share, and grow.

"We’re a group of producers, DJs, promoters, event coordinators, and creative innovators. We started off as individual DJs in the scene looking to make a difference, tired of the same ole parties and lack of effort. Our goal is to continue to push the mark for the underground, a specific sound, and grow as artists in the community and fellow contributors." - Nasty Humanz

This Friday, join us for SYNERGY at AURA to experience an event with a mission. A mission to connect working parts of Arizona's industry and provide a space for collaboration, innovation, and communication.

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