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Find Your New Favorite Festival Fit at The Flow Shop

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

In terms of festival fashion, it’s hard to find a shop nearby that’s geared specifically for festival-goers. However, in Tempe, AZ, right in our backyard, we’re lucky enough to have The Flow Shop.

The Flow Shop’s story starts as Nathan and his best friend David, co-owners of the fashion paradise, put their heads together to figure out what kind of project they wanted to work on. They mutually decided they did not want a retail store, but they did want to put their creative efforts out there for the community to enjoy.

On their day off, Nathan and David grabbed their skateboards and skidded through their favorite courtyard off of Mill Ave. One of the spaces had a For Lease sign hanging in the front, so they decided to give the number a call. After touring the space and confirming the price was doable for the both of them, The Flow Shop opened their doors to the public six weeks later.

David and I have both always loved a lot of unique things and The Flow Shop is kind of a manifestation of our shared desire to share all the cool stuff we love with others! We focus on flow arts and the festival/rave community, but we love offering all kinds of really unique products!

Inside of The Flow Shop, you’ll find Nathan’s clothing line, Firelight Fashions, and David’s flow toy line along with other brands and contributors’ products.

Behind the scenes, sewing and social media experts, Hayl and Ruby, make sure the wheels keep turning, as well as Tripship, Nathan’s sewing padawan and The Flow Shop’s mascot. Day by day, the fam combines their efforts to keep The Flow Shop running smoothly! After all, the shop wouldn’t be where it is without the help of everyone within and the loving members of the festival fashion community in Arizona.

I think a big part of our effect on the community is through inspiration and representation. We love to support local artists and have carried many works in our shop over the years. People see us, we are here as a physical presence in one of the biggest shopping areas in the city, saying to the world that we are a community with the power to be seen and saying to those within the community that they have found home, a safe place to be who they are without fear or judgement, a place where EVERYONE with an open mind and a good heart is welcome to hang out and explore creative forms of self expression.

By nature, The Flow Shop supports freedom of expression in everyone that walks through their doors. They even have a space delegated for shoppers to try out hoops, poi, and other flow toys. So, even if you’ve never tried them before, The Flow Shop has a judgement-free space to try before you buy! Who knows, Nathan may even teach you a trick or two.

It's important for people to know that the way they want to live and experience the world IS ACCEPTABLE and even NEEDED! We try in our own little way to help them on that journey.

We have found though that the community here is not only larger than we thought it was, even after all our years of experience within it, but they were hungry for a place they could call their own, get all the things they need for their unique lifestyle, and get treated with love and dignity in the process. There is no chance that we would have succeeded if it wasn't for the amazing support of our strong and loyal community of artists!

All things considered, The Flow Shop is the place to find your new favorite fit. You can find them vending at local events and festivals, or just head to their shop at 414 S Mill Ave #106, Tempe, AZ 85281. While you’re there make sure to grab some of our new Bass Couture biodegradable glitter and reduce your carbon footprint this summer!

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