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My Top 5 Favorite Healthy Snacks for Camping Festivals

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Realistically, we’ve all struggled when first figuring out what to bring to a camping festival. In terms of food, sometimes we bring too much, others not enough. There’s even those times we pack all these healthy snacks and by day four we’re left with forgotten, sun-dried ham and cheese sandwiches. Perishables aren’t always the best snack idea because you’ll probably end up forgetting to eat them by the time they go bad.

Having to refill your cooler with ice isn’t always convenient either. When you’re in straight party mode it’s best to treat yourself to a delicious yet convenient bite to eat. I tend to go for snacks I can leave out and bring home if I don’t eat them all. That’s why I chose these five snacks as my top festival go-tos:

#1 - Peanut butter

Peanut butter is one of my personal favorites, actually my favorite if I’m being

completely honest. It’s so easy and fulfilling! Also, you can put it on just about anything.

Obviously, you’re probably gonna wanna bring a loaf of bread with ya as well. It goes great on whole wheat. My advice is to stay away from white bread. All of that added sugar won’t be a very beneficial source of energy for those long festival days.

#2 - Clif Bars

Another great source of energy, Clif Bars. With all real ingredients, there’s no going wrong with one of these. They’re almost substantial enough to replace an entire meal, making it easy for you to get along with your day without your stomach constantly rumbling 🍴

#3 - Chips

Also very convenient, a bag of chips! With so many variety packs out there, throw down on box and split ‘em with the squad. A popular choice are the Frito Lay mixes, but if you’re trying to stick to avoiding chemicals like me, they’re not the best option. My new favorite is Popchips. With no added preservatives, artificial flavors, or trans fats, they make a perfect healthy festival snack!

#4 - Fruit

Okay, I know I said not to pack perishables, but fruits are an exception. They tend to take care of themselves! They’ve last a few days out in the open. More specifically, bananas and oranges are great choices because their easy to peel skin protects those juicy, delicious insides! 😄

#5 - Muffins

Yummmm, muffins. Great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Waking up after a long night out on the festival grounds can be rough. Fulfill your morning hunger with a fluffy muffin. Be careful, though! Many companies tend to add all sorts of nasty, unnecessary ingredients in their muffins. Stop by your local Whole Foods to get the real deal.

Camping festivals are one hell of an experience. These events have a lot going on, and sometimes we can forget to take care of ourselves throughout the three to four day partying spree. Always make sure to pack some of your fav snacks to keep yourself in gear all the way until Monday morning ✌🏼



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