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The Top 5 Camping Festival Necessities – and why

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

by Elizabeth Wickstrom

Photo Credit: Jorgensen Photography

Are you nervous about attending a camping festival, or are you looking for ways to be super-duper, extra prepared? Read ahead for five camping festival necessities and why having them will make your festival an unforgettable, stress-free experience!

Do you overzealously pack three suitcases when preparing for festivals? Are you searching for enhancements to your packing process? It is imperative to be prepared when venturing off to a camping festival, without electricity and household amenities at your disposal. The days leading up to a festival can be filled with excitement and anxiety as you make the essential decisions of what to take along. There are tons of items to remember and an insane amount of choices to make. Here are five necessities for any camping festival to ensure that you have a memorable, magical, and well-prepared weekend.

1) A majorly time-consuming festival preparation is choosing between outfits. The first necessity for an unforgettable festival is packing a minimal wardrobe. The secret is to bring items that can mix and match. Pashminas are very versatile as they can keep you warm and make a charming accessory. Variety will save space in your bag and give you more time to experience the festival grounds. Asking your homies to borrow a pair of undies could be awkward and being forced to pitch your mud-coated cherished shoes is excruciating so make sure bring an extra pair of shoes, socks, and underwear! Get ready to joyfully dance away the weekend while looking fly.

2) After a long day of being outside, dancing your booty off, and working out every ounce of energy in your body, it is exquisite to come back to a comfortable place to sleep. The second necessity to an easy-going weekend is an air mattress. Sore limbs and solid ground do not mix well. An air mattress will provide a plush place to relax. Plus, they make for cozy cuddles with your pals. Make sure to remember batteries for the air pump! You will snooze the night away and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

3) One thing no one can survive without is food. The third necessity for a magnificent weekend is healthy and replenishing snacks. Festival food vendors, while tremendously tasty, are usually tagged with a high cost. Save some serious cash by bringing your own snacks. The key is to stick with simple and portable foods. It is easy to get lost in the ethereal festival world, but it is essential to drink water and eat food – your body will not be able to continue on without them!

4) Endless hours of dancing and basking in the sunshine will require your body to intake an ample amount of H2O. The fourth necessity to a remarkable weekend is a hydration pack, so you can hydrate while you dance. They are backpacks that include a water pouch attached to a straw that rests on your shoulder. Not only do they keep your hands free with their plentiful pockets, but they allow you to stay with your besties instead of splitting up to get refills. It is crucial to stay hydrated! With styles for any and all festival-goers, these packs ensure a wavy weekend by keeping your body happy, hands empty, and thirst quenched.

5) Everybody sweats, and everybody gets dirty. The fifth and final necessity for any camping festival is baby wipes. Lots of people opt out of a shower pass to save some cash and rock the dirt. Useful for many things, baby wipes guarantee that any mess can be wiped away and dirt and sweat can be cleaned off. Bonus tip – keeping the wipes in a cooler will make them cool to the touch and refreshing to your skin. Whether you need to clean up or cool down, baby wipes are the best secret to any clean and carefree camping fest.

Preparing for a camping festival can be time consuming and stressful. Following these simple tips will allow your worries to be forgotten and your weekend to be marvelous. Save time and space by packing a minimal, mix-and-match wardrobe. Ensure coziness by splurging for an air mattress and remembering to pack baby wipes. Take care of your body by snagging some healthy snacks and investing in a hydration pack. These five necessities will make your weekend away worry-free and wonderful!

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