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Tips for Being Sustainable at Music Festivals

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Festival season is officially in full swing.. As festival goers we should be concerned on how our actions are impacting the environment. These small changes will make a big difference the next time you’re at a music festival.

Don’t use plastic water bottles

This one is soooo easy and also cheaper! Bring a reusable water bottle, especially one that's insulated which will keep your water nice and cold all day long. Hydration packs are another great option. We love SoJourner hydration packs which allow you to stay hydrated in style. Use code BASSCOUTURE for 10% off.

Save the fishies with biodegradable glitter

Glitter Not Litter

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the herpes of arts and crafts and one of our ocean's worst nightmares. These microplastics are thrown around all over the place at festivals. They are so bad for our environment that a few festivals in the U.K. have even banned the use of glitter this year. These tiny particles of plastic never break down and pollute our oceans, kill marine life, and eventually end up in our food supply. Thankfully you can still be sparkly and ecofriendly by using biodegradable glitter which is made out of plant cellulose and biodegrades back into the Earth in about 90 days. Check out our biodegradable glitter here.

The ground is not your trash can!

Throw away your trash

Seems simple right? Unfortunately, it’s still a huge problem. Thousands of pieces of trash are left on the ground after festivals and events. Do the right thing and go a few steps out of your way to dispose of your garbage. Mother Earth will thank you.

On the way to the festival like...


See if there’s any shuttles going from your city to the event. You won’t have to go through the hassle of driving and you’ll meet a bunch of new people. It’s basically like taking a party bus to a festival. If you’re roadtripping it, make sure you fit as many people in one car as possible to reduce C02 emissions! If you don’t know anyone going, post in the event page on Facebook to see if anyone is interested in carpooling with you. You'll be saving the environment while simultaneously making lifelong friendships. Also have you guys seen the gas prices these days? Splitting it up between a few people can help everyone save money $$$$.

Leave No Trace

THE GOLDEN RULE MY FRIENDS. First things first, be mindful of how much waste you are creating and make as little of a mess as possible throughout the festival. When you’re getting ready to leave, make sure that everything you brought in comes back out! Double check that you are leaving no rubbish behind when packing up your campsite.

Festivals are a magical place where we can let loose and escape reality but please don’t forget how your actions are impacting the environment while doing so.



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