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What You Need to Know Before Heading to Electric Forest

It’s been five years since my first Electric Forest, and let me tell ya, that place truly feels like home. If you feel anything like I did before heading out to Rothbury for the first time, you know the anticipation is intense. Ease your mind with these insights I’ve collected over the past five years:

1. There’s only one way in and out of Rothbury, and it’s lined with cops

No matter where you’re coming from in the States, unless you live in Northern Michigan, you’re taking the 31 North into Rothbury, and that bitch is lined with cops. They’ve been keeping that highway monitored every year since it was Rothbury Festival. However, they’re not going to pull you over unless you’re driving like a dickhead.

With that, it’s safe to say the cops inside of the Forest are pretty chill. They’re really there to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone has a safe weekend. You won’t find them eavesdropping on your campsite in the middle of the night at this one.

Sara and Tori take on Forest 2016

2. Get there early, like Wednesday morning early

Over the past few years, Electric Forest has grown like crazy! I remember being able to get there on Thursday evening and still land a decent camping spot. Now, if you show up on Thursday evening catch yourself parked in Camp Blueberry trying to hail the shuttle to get back and forth from the Forest.

Photo Courtesy of Electric Forest

3. Bring a canopy

There won’t be any shade in the general admission campgrounds. It’s all good though. Bring a canopy and you’re set. Plus, canopies make a good centerpiece to a poppin’ campsite. Just put all the tents around it and you’ve got yourself a neighborhood of homies.

4. Oh... and rain boots

You're in small town Michigan and right next to the lake, as a matter of fact. Expect the unexpected when it comes to weather.

There's plenty of downtime when you're living at a festival.

5. You can buy a hammock on your way in, and you’re gonna need it

Oh, remember, you’re going to be in an actual forest. You won’t be camping near trees, but inside the festival there’s a good amount of ‘em. The trees are perfect for hanging hammocks. It’s mad chill linking up with friends and setting all your hammocks up on some real squad shit.

6. Showers are $10

Have cash ready.

7. Where’s Carl?

2013 really was one for the books. If someone asks you where Carl is, earn Forest street cred and go along with it. We’re all still wondering where the fuck he is.

I wish I could just set my camp up right next to Tripolee.


Do NOT be the person to miss the late night sets in the general admission campgrounds. Seriously, they’re my favorite part of the entire event. Once all of the music within the Forest comes to an end, everyone dispurses back to their campsites and throws fucking BANGERS. Plus, secrets sets go down all over the place. Haaa, one year I stayed up until 9am at an EOTO secret set and by the time it ended there were only 13 of us left standing. It’s lit af out there, don’t miss out.

Realistically, I’m sure I could go on and on giving insight to this magical place, but you’ll figure it out for yourself. Indulge in this one-of-a-kind experience and don’t forget to take some pictures. Seriously, you might forget you have a phone while you're there, but when it comes time to take a year off, like me, you’ll want to reminisce on all of those good times you had in the Forest.



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