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Why I’ll be Attending The Untz Festival for the Third Consecutive Year

The Music 

Ok let’s start with the music. Experimental, space, weird bass (whatever you wanna call) it is my cup of tea and the untz serves up that tea like it’s their day job. They are notorious for bringing out all of the best upcoming and OG artist in the bass scene. It is quite literally the Super Bowl for underground bass music. There is tons of wubs at all hours of the day, at every stage. Some artists I’m really excited to see this year are Of the Trees, Freddy Todd, Dalek One, Goopsteppa, G-Space, Tiedye Ky and Tsimba. 

The People

Fricken hippies everywhere! Just kidding kind of. But seriously we are all so likeminded and gathering for the same purpose. The vibe is incredibly harmonious. While you’re here, it genuinely feels like you’re apart of one big ~weird~ family. 

The Sound

The Untz always brings out the absolute best sound systems to support all that bass. Last year I experienced Hennessy sound design for the first time and I was completely blown away. This year they are bringing out PK sound, funktion ones, and hennessy sound design. We are spoiled af people! 

The venue 

Heaven on earth let me tell ya! The surrounding area is gorgeous, it’s literally right outside of Yosemite. The grounds are any festival goers dream come true. Free REAL showers and there are REAL bathrooms, no portapotties! There is a lot of grass, shade and concrete. No dust. I don’t know about you, but i don’t think it’s get much better than that at a festival. 

Who’s coming out to Mariposa this year? If you haven’t copped tickets get em here and use my code TATER at check out.

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