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Why You Should Spring Break at Envision Festival 2019

by Katherine Crawford

“Awaken the self to a higher consciousness in alignment with the natural harmony...” -Envision Mission Statement

There’s a movement that shakes the jungles in Uvita, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. If you haven’t yet experienced the ultimate eco-conscious Envision Festival, this year is the year to do it. With headliners Tycho, Griz, The Floozies, CloZee, Trevor Hall, Random Rab and more, you’re sure to groove to some stellar tunes in the depths of the most biodiverse place on Earth. Even more impressive than the wave of cross-cultural music vibrations, this transformative festival is founded upon sustainability, yoga, workshops and arts that exceed expectations you might have formed from such gatherings here in the states. And perhaps the best part? Making Envision your spring break destination doesn’t have to break the bank.

Photo courtesy of Envision Festival

In light of climate change and serious, current repercussions from industrialization, it is imperative that our species collaborates in making a change towards more eco-friendly practices. To get away, to re-center ourselves amidst copious nature, and to exchange intentional energy, is something that Envision provides the perfect environment for, especially being a no trace event. The festival keeps sustainability at the forefront; as stated in their mission, “Purpose unifies our hearts and minds, giving us a collective vision bigger than ourselves to work towards and build together”. One major component of the gathering is exploring permaculture; developing self-sufficient and sustainable practices of agriculture and living. If you find yourself delving into the community this spring, you are sure to leave more educated than you came. “Education on sustainable living practices benefits all...”, explains Envision, “from group seminars on the beach to interactive demonstrations throughout the grounds and surrounding areas, we hope to engender a lasting consciousness about how our actions and choices influence the planet and to create viable solutions to the problems we face”.

Envision partners with a number of organizations whose focus is to help the environment. In doing so, they’re able to instill event-wide initiatives, like banning single use plastics/reducing waste, sorting, recycling and creating compost (as well as no porta potties! Rather, they provide compost toilets). There’s also many ways to help the community of Uvita while you’re there, with past projects including building new sidewalks and donations to help the town build a new police station. “Every year we do our best to improve the community”, Envision says, “and work together with the people of Uvita to help it reach its full potential”. It’s more than just music; it is a restorative movement.

Photo courtesy of Envision Festival

Now, here’s the good part. Plane tickets to Envision, if bought early enough before the event, should only cost you 4-600 dollars (depending on your departure location within the states); surprisingly cheap for an out of country vacation destination. On top of a relatively affordable flight, you’ll get four days of camping in the beach-lined jungle, see top musical artists, and wander around abundant yoga, workshops, art, dance, flow sessions, drum circles and more-all included in your festival ticket price of $297 (around the same price as a ticket to Suwannee Hulaween, Electric Forest or Bonnaroo!). Not to mention, you’ll be spending these days in the most biodiverse place on our planet, and be able to squeeze that Costa Rican sand between your toes at any time. Seriously, consider a cost-benefit analysis of the trip, and easily see how hard it is to pass up such an amazing opportunity to experience immense positivity and growth!

Photo courtesy of Envision Festival

Mark your calendars; February 28-March 3 marks the dates for 2019’s Envision Festival. If you, too, value sustainability, spirituality, and community, and love a greatly diversified lineup such as this, consider making Envision your spring break destination. Delve into their website, research all that it has to offer, and come prepared...Costa Rica is calling your name!

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